21 circular economy solutions: changing how we eat, live and travel for a more sustainable world

  • In 2019 the global economy consumed over 100 billion tonnes of materials.
  • The Circularity Gap Report highlights how moving to a circular economy can reduce consumption levels and help mitigate climate change.
  • These 21 changes to how we make, keep and discard things can build more sustainable systems and a circular economy.

How can we build a circular economy?

Feeding the world and the circular economy

1. Enough really can be enough

The role different countries play in reducing waste and building a systems approach for the circular economy.

3. Embrace a plant-based diet

4. Shop your fridge and cook creatively

5. Check for certifications

6. Support local

7. Cook clean

Healthy, plant-based diets — and cutting excess consumption — can help build a circular economy. Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

‍Homes and buildings and the circular economy

8. Design flexible, multi-purpose homes

9. Use existing homes for longer

10. No building left behind — or empty

11. Nature-based solutions and renewable technologies

To dive into these 21 circular solutions that can bring us back on a 1.5-degree pathway, and understand the key role local and national governments and businesses play in driving the circular transition, download the Circularity Gap Report 2022.

‍Consuming and producing goods and the circular economy

12. Make careful consumer choices

13. Get repairing and sharing

14. Support ‘right to repair’

Repairing damaged or old goods can extend their lifetimes and prevent waste from going to landfill. Photo by Blaz Erzetic on Unsplash

15. Consider chemicals

16. Recycle and help build secondary markets

Mobility, travel and the circular economy

17. Travel less often

18. Go for lightweight designs

Lightweight vehicle design means less materials are used, and results in less fuel consumption. Photo by Ruslan Bardash on Unsplash

19. Keep your car for longer

20. Share when you can

21. Design for reuse




We empower businesses, cities and nations with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action.

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Circle Economy

Circle Economy

We empower businesses, cities and nations with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action.

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