As cities race to net-zero, the Circle Carbon Scan will provide new avenues for impact

The circular transition begins in cities

Climate action should begin in the city. Photo by Nerea Martí Sesarino on Unsplash

The Circle Carbon Scan shows cities how consumption links to emissions

How London can cut its food-related consumption-based emissions. Source: Circle Economy

Pulling the right levers: the Circle Carbon Scan can provide a ‘valuable starting point’ for urban change makers looking to the circular economy

Shifting to more plant-based diets could have a huge impact on consumption-based emissions, the Circle Carbon Scan found. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Cities have a lot of power — but they can’t get to net-zero alone

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  • Map material flows throughout a given sector’s supply chain (from imports to waste treatment)
  • Use a model to match these mass flows with their associated emissions
  • Create an urban map that can be used to pinpoint material flows and their associated emissions at any point in the supply chain



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