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    Joke Dufourmont

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    Catherine Weetman

  • Ace & Tate

    Ace & Tate

    We’re on a mission to make the eyewear industry more sustainable. On Medium, we’re letting our walls down and taking you on our journey, wrong turns and all.



    The Pursuit of Less — We’re restoring the value of garments by creating meaningful essentials: A permanent collection of zero-compromise pieces.

  • Martijn Lopes Cardozo

    Martijn Lopes Cardozo

    Entrepreneur. Mentor. Board member. Love building or transforming companies. CEO Black Bear. Board member Circle Economy & Parkbee. EIR @YES!Delft.

  • Tamara Veldboer

    Tamara Veldboer

    To a sustainable world via the circular economy route. At Circle Economy, we are working with businesses and governments to drive the transition. Happy travels!

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    Lena Bäunker

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    Yasmina Lembachar

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