What happened at Beyond Next: The Circularity Festival

One of the plenary session of Beyond Next at HEMA HQ in Amsterdam
Panel on the future of fashion education led by Hélène Smits

Beyond Next Festival Learnings

More than 40 speakers joined our keynote sessions and panel discussions — a sequence of inspiring, motivational, and at times jaw-dropping speeches on themes related to the circular economy and sustainability.

Circular solutions to real-life challenges

With challenge workshop partners ABN AMRO, AMFI, HEMA and the City of Amsterdam, the festival jointly hosted four challenges on themes of urgent importance to each partner. These were: product-as-a-service, fashion education, single-use plastics, and organic waste in a circular city, respectively.

First workshop day at ABN AMRO's Circl

Beyond… Beyond Next!

Once again, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all participants for making the circularity festival a huge success. We hope that the ideas generated from Beyond Next will be taken beyond Beyond Next! Watch this space for more on the winning ideas of the workshop challenges, key learnings from the Exploration Track and of course more pictures from the event! Please, stay in the loop!



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